Hurt Inside series (1)


Hurt Inside series (2)


Hurt Inside series (3)


Faded Lotus series (1)


Faded Lotus series (2)



Faded Lotus series (3)



(b.in 1970, Heilongjiang prov.) professional Artist living in the Artist Village of SongZhuang, Beijing, had studied oil painting in YanBian Fine Arts Academy, and completed graduate courses in oil painting at Central Institute of Fine Arts in 2000.

Exhibition attended:

1998    10 People's Work Show, Beijing;
1999    Graduate Works Exhibition of Central Institute of Fine                Arts, Beijing
2003     Contemporary Youth Work Show, Today Art Gallery,                Beijing;
             Works from one hundred artists, Continent Gallery,                Beijing,
2004     Works from 100 Artists in SongZhuang, Artist  Village                Gallery,  Beijing
2005     New Work Show from SongZhuang, Artist Village Gallery,
             8 People¡¯s New Work Show, Artist Village Gallery,Beijing
             True Existence, Artist Village Gallery, Beijing,
             Gathering Around SongZhuang, Artist Village                Gallery,Beijing
Cowering People Yan Gallery, Beijing
2006     Goup show in MiArt,Milan, Italy ,Artist Village Gallery,
             The 1st professional artist¡¯work show,Rain Gallery,

             Goup show in Art Singapre 2006 By Artist Village Gallery,
             Group show in GuangZhou Art Fair By Artist Village                Gallery,
             Tour Show around Europe by By Artist Village Gallery,
2007     Goup show in MiArt,Italy, By Artist Village Gallery,                Beijing