Flower in Mirror

FengQian's Solo Show


    FengQian likes the ancient beauty who is describled as outshine the moon and put the flowers to shame. and she takes it as unforgettable.She tries to create he rown beauty by combine the ancient elements with her own contemporary understanding. so the beauty in her work is cartoon character-likewith exaggerate modern hairstyle, big-eyed and baby face, and with a trace of pathos in her eyes. In each painting, there are some small ornerments embded on the canvas, which make the beauty related to the real life, realizing the traversing throungh from ancient time to modern time, from idea to reality.



The Auru that never fade away

 ZhangLei's Solo Show

    Some obscure and ancient photos are depicted in zhanglei's work.The image is not clear, and the original colour has been lost. what left in the photos is the atomosphere of the time. People in the images might never realized that they are living in the images.The reason why Zhanglei choose these photos is that he sensed that they are living in the images, in the atmosphere that people can't describe in words.

Reflect to Refract

Solo Exhibition by Janavi Mahimtura


  Janavi Mahimtura Folmsbees Reflect to Refract art series is inspired by her fascination for life forms underwater.She mixes a vibrant palette of colours, a majestic form of nature C the ocean - and human elements to evoke emotions and feelings that consume human beings every day, into conceptual works of art.in the water, everyone appears distorted in an almost comical way and thats the beauty of Janavis art C it replicates life in a way that everyone can identify with, their own personal stories rise to the fore when they look at her work C its versatile in the way you interpret it. The ability to reflect is not a natural reflex in most people, but lifes mercurial graphs compel us humans to do just that C reflect on our actions and the subsequent consequences they bear upon our lives. Both reflection and refraction, alliteration of sorts, are extensions of the human mind.



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